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Saying All I Need

Today is my Fluorescent Tuesday

My name is Amber, but i don't like it so i use the Lithuanian version; Gintare. My nickname is Gin, as in Gin and Tonic, as my late grandfather used to call me. I am Lithuanian but i can't speak the language, though i can understand it. I plan to find a school to learn it properly but right now i can't seem to find one.
I love languages, and i want to learn as many as i can. I plan to take French all the way through school(i'm really bad at french), and i take Japanese on Saturdays with some good friends. I want to learn Mandarin, Korean and main European Languages too.
I go to Etobicoke School of the Arts, I'm a dance major there. Dance is more like a hobby though. I personally wish i could sing, so i'm teaching myself. I write lyrics and some melodies but the melodies are usually written by my best friend, Angiie. I love writing lyrics with inspiration from personal experiences, stories, dreams, and feelings. I love to write sad songs and fun songs but anything is fun. I know I'll never make it big because my mum is all Dance Dance Dance, even if it's a hobby for me it isn't for her.
I am almost 5"7 and i wish i was taller because i love taking photos and modeling. Though it's nothing professional i love to photograph my friends and anything inspirational (i usually get inspiration from my photos for lyrics). Even though i am somewhat tall i love wearing heels. I don't like wearing 'heel-less' shoes because i feel short =P.
I have Naturally a chocolate-y brown hair colour but i bleach it blond and dye it different colours, ie blue and purple. I don't do this to get attention i don't do it to be different (though i love being different) i do it because i find this look pleases me the most.
Though i love languages and wish to be a singer i plan to study Law in University. I love watching those types of dramas even if i know it's not the same it means i don't hate it.
I try not to think of myself as a wild child, though my mom gives me weird looks when i dye my hair. She says she'll kick me out if i get a tattoo (though she says one i want 3, 愛 above my heart, a plain lizard on my right calf, AND a huge dragon all along my back.) She'll kill me for sure. but i know it'll be pricey so it'll be a while. XD I also want to get my lip pierced which i don't think is a bad idea... but it's hard to hide that XD so i'll have to wait or do it and get murdered. hehe
I also love to Blog A LOT if you haven't noticed i haven't shut up about myself. Blogging is fun and so is writing, i guess though i say i will study Law i want to be so many things i'm crazy (yes i'd love to be a writer too) but right now i'm focusing on grades, dance (because if i dont i'll get kicked out of school) annnd learning to sing along with writing lyrics.
Personally i don't know what tomorrow want me to do, but i know i can always change myself to change to the future to fit me best. So i'd love to be friends with you or I'm glad we are friends, if you are reading this.
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